Discover Tlemcen with the Forum Tlemcen Carrefour of Civilizations
Tlemcen, Carrefour of civilizations
From the 12th to 14th October 2019
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"A trip on Tlemcens heritage"

Tlemcen, carrefour of civilizations

From the 12th to 14th October 2019

The forum Tlemcen, Carrefour of civilizations will target national and international associations that are active in the field of culture, art and heritage around the general theme “Culture and heritage; Issues and perspectives. ». The objective of this Forum is to bring out structuring projects led by associations, in sectors related to the preservation, enhancement and transmission of culture and heritage, also to encourage and promote a cultural exchange by promoting meetings and transmissions of knowledge and popular cultures.

The forum will take place in Tlemcen from October the 12th to the 14th 2019. During 3 days this event will offer a rich program of workshops, conferences, exchanges and ideas debates, human and professional meetings, and collective actions.

What interests you in Forum Tlemcen Carrefour of Civilizations ?

  Conferences –Debates

 In the heart of the city of Tlemcen, come and enrich yourself by exchanging news about issues related to the preservation, enhancement and transmission of culture, art and heritage. A multidisciplinary panel of specialists and industry professionals will share their knowledge, experience and vision with you! This sequence will be open to the public, subject to availability.

Workshops and round tables

Workshops and round tables of the Forum are spaces dedicated to meet, think and create, in order to imagine solutions that will be developed tomorrow in the form of concrete projects within your structures. They are also places of interaction to exchange experiences and ideas between participants and with the team of animators and experts who will escort the workshop groups. Access to workshops and round tables is restricted to forum participants.

             Tourist visit

 In the middle of the Forum program, the participants will benefit from the tourist visits which will lead them to the main historical site of the city of Tlemcen such as the palace of El Mechouer, the ruins of Mansourah, the Great Mosque, plateau of Lalla Setti and other places and tourist sites.


The Forum is also a friendly gathering for meeting and networking stakeholders engaged in civil society. Forum evenings provide moments of relaxation and a festive organized in the open air. Debate projections of documentary films, intercultural evenings, music, games and other surprises are on the program!



Association of Intellectual Investment and Human Donation is an active assoctaion in Tlemcen, founded in 2016 and approved in February 2017. It works in the socio-educational field..

Our partners

Ministry of Culture - Algeria

Ministry of Culture of the Algerian Government

French institute - Algeria

To promote cultural diversity and dialogue between peoples.