Association of Intellectual Investment and Human Donation is an active assoctaion in Tlemcen, founded in 2016 and approved in February 2017. It works in the socio-educational field.

Its main objective is to promote active citizenship.

In addition to its main purpose the association has secondary objectives :

  • Contribute to the promotion and development of society.
  • Contribute to the education and training of children and young people.
  • Being a force of proposal and actors of change and local development

AIIDH as an apolitical and nonprofit association Its main missions are :

  • Provide educational, social and professional support for the citizen.
  • Mobilize, organize, train and intervene for a more active citizenship.
  • Cooperate with national authorities and contractors to make the association a strategic axis in the development of society.

Our development programs are conducted in accordance with the values of the association, they guide our actions on a daily basis.

AIIDH is based on the values of solidarity , humanism , democracy and transparency. It affirms and supports respect for the dignity and integrity of the human person.

The AIIDH team is composed almost exclusively of volunteer members (135 youth members including 11 office members).

Around the activities, nearly a hundred additional people guarantee the proper organization of events.

The realization of the activities and projects of our association would simply not be possible without the voluntary commitment of these many enthusiasts.


Main activities and projects.

The association has several activities and ongoing projects :

  • Conferences and debates.
  • Raising awareness and education for children and young people (environmental, cultural, sports, …)
  • Solidarity and humanitarian actions for the most vulnerable people in urban and rural areas of Tlemcen.
  • Training of the capacity building for the members of the association and local and national associations.
  • “Environmental Associative Camp” project. Supported by the French Cooperation and Cultural Action Service, a capacity building project for 60 national associative executives in the environmental field.
  • “CFDR – Training and Rural Development Center” project. Supported by FAICOL in the framework of the SAARA project, carried out in partnership by CROSC, NADA network and BATIK INTERNATIONAL. Financed by the European Union. This project aims at training 60 young people; women and men, in the crafts and agricultural trades of the rural area of El Sahb in Tlemcen.
  • “WADJEHNI” project. Supported by FONDATION DE FRANCE which aims to train a team of trainers and socio-cultural facilitators to intervene at specialized centers for the protection of moral danger for children in Tlemcen.

AIIDH in numbers
(in 2 years of existence)

  • More than 2500 people, including 60% of young people, attended conferences and debates. 
  • More than 250 families and households benefited from aid (food, clothing, winter needs, suplies …).
  • More than 300 primary school students participated in environmental, cultural and literary activities.
  • More than 200 associative and volunteer executives benefited from training courses (GCP, Association Management, ICT, etc.).
  • More than 150 adults and children of both sexes participated in City Cross Tlemcen in its first edition, a run for awareness, discovery and humanism.