About the Forum

Tlemcen, carrefour of civilizations.

Under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture, the association of intellectual investment and human gift with the partnership of the French Institute in Algeria organizes the international forum “Tlemcen, Carrefour of civilizations”, which is a gathering and a space of exchange, reflection and sharing of experiences, between 40 associative actors who are active in national and international cultural, artistic and heritage associations, this forum contains conferences, workshops, round tables and many others activities.

The forum will take place in Tlemcen from the 12th to the 14th October 2019.


  1. Brings out structuring projects led by associations, in sectors related to the preservation, enhancement and transmission of culture and heritage.
  2. Encourage and promote cultural exchange by facilitating encounters and transmissions of knowledge and popular cultures.
  3. Contribute to forging lasting cooperation links between the associative structures.
  4. Promote dialogue between and within cultures in order to strengthen the mutual understanding, social cohesion and the dedication of the principles of tolerance, solidarity and openness to other cultures.
  5. Raise awareness on the importance of the values of culture for the society evolution and development.

Target audience

  • 40 actors from the associative movement, national and international, who are active in cultural, artistic and heritage associations.
  • Local public interested.
  • Members of the organizing association and its partners.
  • Amateur and professional photographers.