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Tlemcen, ... an Algerian city

Tlemcen is an Algerian city located in the northwest of the country. It has nearly 300,000 inhabitants with a large young population; former capital of the central Maghreb, the city has been subject to the impact of several cultures: Berber, Arabic, Hispano-Moorish, Ottoman and Western. From this mosaic of impact, the city derives the title of the capital of culture and art in Algeria.

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Religion, Culture, Architecture, ...

Tlemcen has always been an important religious, cultural, intellectual and architectural center, the city has a material and an immaterial heritage expressing itself in particular in a large number of historical and religious monuments of different confessions, the old medinas, the religious festivals , customs, art and music, cuisine and a unique and unparalleled culture and cityscape. We must seize the opportunity of the diversity and richness of its prestigious living heritage, and perpetuate the cultural activity in this city; the cultural scene is animated by its libraries, its cultural centers, its museums, its theaters. The city hosted in 2011 the event of "Tlemcen, capital of Islamic culture".

This event was an opportunity to provide the city and its region with cultural infrastructure and to radiate its resonances throughout the country and to 'foreign,

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Numerous literary, cultural and artistic personalities have played a major role in the promotion of culture and arts in the city of Tlemcen such as the writer and novelist Mohammed Dib, master of Andalusian music and hawzi Sheikh Hadj Larbi Bensari , the painter Bachir Yellès, etc.


Tlemcen, carrefour of civilizations

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